SkillReal's  technology applies patented next generation accurate AR technology that provides the best available AR performance to help global manufacturers in enhancing productivity and quality.

SkillReal is targeting the industrial AR market, which is expected to exceed $24 billion by 2024.

The company’s team includes proven entrepreneurs, experienced executives and talented developers (including Talpiot Alumni). 

we  integrated our AR technology and products into PLM systems and initiated pilots and sales to leading global manufacturers. In 2019 SkillReal signed an OEM agreement with the market leader, Siemens, and initiated sales to global leading manufactures. 



Skillreal’s technology  is a Patented sensors’ based technology that brings accurate and reliable AR to the manufacturing lines. The accuracy is 1 millimeter (from a range of up to 5 meters) and it works on any object including uniform surfaces, symmetric objects and perform well in all lighting conditions. It is a plug & play add-on to PLM and MES systems as it is automatically extracting all required data, including 3D models, BOP and PMI directly from the PLM system.

Main use cases include: Assembly Assistant, Live work instructions, Assembly validation, robotics and line inspection.
The technology was selected by the PLM market world leader, Siemens, and is successfully used by leading Global manufacturers. 

This white paper describes the design and implementation of a robust industrial augmented reality solution in which various AR technologies are analyzed.


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Process Simulate AR 

Commissioning and inspection of manufacturing lines and parts

 Assist AR 

Live work instructions and assembly validation 

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