Enhancing Productivity and Quality
Across Industries


The automotive industry is in a state of flux and companies are highly focused on process improvement and cost reduction. SkillReal is particularly useful in this environment by addressing the most urgent automotive manufacturing needs. This is accomplished by closing the gap between the digital and physical twins and by enabling effective building, retrofitting, maintaining and checking of manufacturing cells while delivering significant savings in time, manpower and material costs.

Line builders & Machinery

Setting up or modifying assembly lines and complex machinery is time-consuming, costly and error-prone. SkillReal supports important line-building and machinery use cases by means of digital twin alignment, AR visualization, straightforward measurement and inspection capabilities. SkillReal is fully integrated within the PLM system in order to achieve “plug and play” installation, high quality and maximal throughput.



Aerospace & Defense

Precision and reliability are critical in the aerospace & defense industry. Mistakes are costly and have serious, sometimes catastrophic, repercussions. SkillReal helps shorten the lengthy assembly and inspection processes, and automatically provides the required validation and inspection capabilities, as well as report generation and traceability. This can contribute significantly to optimizing production time and quality.

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