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A new Level of Precision in AR for Manufacturing

SkillReal is on a mission to enable next generation Augmented Reality (AR) technologies to help global manufacturers significantly improve their quality and productivity. Our breakthrough patented technology was specifically developed and designed for production line use cases, allowing production line managers, workers and line builders to simplify their day–to-day operation with a safe and convenient AR system that supports their processes, shortens timelines, and saves costs.

Our Story

Since 2015, SkillReal has been developing next generation Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, targeting the industrial AR market, which is expected to exceed $24 billion by 2024.

SkillReal’s patented technology, developed and designed especially for assembly lines of complex products with a high cost of errors, provides a fully operational, accurate & integrated AR solution for advanced manufacturing assemblies.


SkillReal’s team includes experienced entrepreneurs and executives, as well as talented developers.

Among the company’s customers and partners are leading global manufacturers in Aerospace and Defense, Machinery, Medical & Automotive. The company is engaged in a strategic partnership with Siemens, the global leading provider of 4.0 software solutions, since 2019, including joint customers & installations worldwide.

Leadership Team

Shai Newman

Shai Newman

SkillReal Founder & CEO

Yuvalal Liron

Head of Research & Algorithms

Sagiv Rosenstein

VP Product

Oren Katav

Head of Marketing & Sales

Meir Lebel

Tech Lead

Noa Neuman

Marketing Manager

Chaim Dryzun

PhD, Senior Algorithms Developer

Yehuda (Yud) Sapir


Dana Ezra

Head of HR

Ilya Shmilov

Tech Lead

Moshe Yakobovich

Unity Developer

Board of Directors

Dror Mizeretz

Chief Financial Officer

Eric Bernheim

Senior Partner, Emeritus, McKinsey & Co
Shai Newman

Shai Newman

SkillReal Founder & CEO
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