Accurate AR Technology Designed for the Manufacturing Floor

SkillReal’s patented Augmented Reality (AR) technology was developed and designed specifically for production line use cases. This unique technology provides a fully operational, accurate & reliable AR solution for advanced manufacturing, line-building, assembly and maintenance. The proprietary technology removes the limitations of current AR technologies, by fusing visual and sensor data to deliver the accuracy required in the manufacturing world.

Proprietary algorithms fuse visual and sensor data
to position and align digital and physical twins

Seamless Integration
with PLM Systems

Plug-and-play integration with PLM/MES systems, automatically accessing and retrieving most updated work instructions and 3D models. This eliminates errors and costs derived from the preparation and updating of the work instructions.

With or Without AR Glasses

The use of AR glasses and overhead display glasses is still challenging in manufacturing use cases: they are not easy to wear for long periods of time and suffer from limited accuracy, performance and battery time. SkillReal supports all devices, with customers often choosing standard PCs/laptops.

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