Using Augmented Reality and Inspection to Improve Manufacturing Productivity and Quality

Use accurate AR work instructions to improve manufacturing productivity and prevent assembly mistakes, with real-time step-by-step work instruction and inspection

AR and Inspection for Manufacturing: Building the Smart Factories of the Future

The increased complexity of products and manufacturing processes and the lack of skilled labor bring new challenges in the world of production. To answer these challenges SkillReal has developed AssistAR, a new generation of accurate Augmented Reality (AR) and inspection solutions for the manufacturing lines. AssistAR improves productivity, quality of assembly, maintenance, and installation activities. From table assemblies to large installations, the SkillReal system provides real-time work instructions, assembly validation, reports, and remote assistance.

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The Future of Manufacturing; Siemens White Paper

This white paper describes AR for manufacturing use cases, the challenges with current popular technologies and how Siemens and SkillReal has developed a new approach to implement a robust industrial augmented reality assembly by instruction and validation solution.

Augmented Reality

Changing the Rules of the Game With Automatic Validation

The automatic validation feature allows you to catch mistakes and quality issues in real-time, during the assembly process. Mistakes can occur due to missing or incorrect parts or assembly errors. In most Industries the cost of mistakes is very high, using SkillReal AssistAR gives manufacturers a powerful new way to reduce manufacturing potential mistakes.

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