Behind our products developments there is a deep understanding of customers needs and the challenges that they are facing on their shop floor, Our target is to help optimizing your production process by providing a solution to common pains share by manufacturers of this industry.


Visualize 3D data at the physical production site using Augmented Reality Technology.

3D models and assembly sequence are automatically derived from the PS system.


PSAR enables 

  • Marking and Inspection​

  • Inspect As Built vs. As Design​

  • Robot Manual Teaching​


PSAR is ideal for Earlier, easier and shorter commissioning process, reduce dependency on prototype parts​, shorten product  maturity cycle, enable calibration and alignment of robots, Improved quality and Validate “Built As Designed”​.


Guidance and validation of assembly work through digital projection on physical data (AR).

3D models and assembly sequence are automatically derived from the PLM system.


The virtual object of the next item to assemble, is accurately placed on top of the current, physical assembly. Enhance productivity and quality as well as supporting on boarding and training.


AssistAR is ideal for complex assemblies, highly configurable products and for products with high “errors’ cost” as well as saving costs and errors due preparation and updating of the work instructions.

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